Komponieren in HIMMLISCHER HÖHE Workshop Kompositionswerksatt

Workshop Kompositionswerksatt
09. 02 – 11.02.2024 
Linz (A)

The participants followed in the footsteps of Anton Bruckner on day 2 of the composition workshop taking place from February 9 to 11, 2024: Composing at HEAVENLY Heights in St. Florian and Ansfelden.

On day 2 of the three-day workshop of the Composition Workshop: Composing at HEAVENLY HEIGHTS, the composers got to know the Bruckner locations of St. Florian and Ansfelden. The entire day was documented on film by a team from ORF Vienna with editor Lisa Ganglbaur.Among other things, the architecture of the basilica at ground level and on the galleries in St. Florian Abbey, which Bruckner himself shaped as a choirboy, could be experienced. The organ („Bruckner organ“) presented by the second organist of the monastery, Andreas Etlinger, reminded visitors of the late composer Augustinus Franz Kropfreiter, who worked there as the monastery organist from 1959/60 until his death in 2003. The composers were particularly impressed by the opportunity offered by Konsistorialrat Harald Ehrl to play on the Bruckner grand piano from Bösendorfer, which accompanied Bruckner throughout his life.