Klang und Architektur Hochschule Luzern  – Musik

Klang und Architektur Hochschule Luzern  – Musik
Luzern, Switzerland, 19. 11. – 20. 11. 202

At the invitation of Hans-Peter Litscher and Andres Bosshard, with the support of Erik Borgir, I was able to hold a workshop on the topic of sound and architecture with the participating students on two days (19/20 November) at the South Pole Campus of the Lucerne School of Music. The four sound towers on-site – an architectural and sonic peculiarity – served us as a concrete object of investigation. 

We were interested in two questions: 

  • how can we understand the specific relationship between sound event and architectural form (and materiality)? 
  • how can we make productive artistic use of this – in the present case remarkable – peculiarity