Soundwalk „The Breathing City“

Soundwalk “The Breathing City”
as one of 5 soundwalks of Peter Cusacks Project “5 Pankow Soundwalks”

Soundwalk :“The Breathing City

The path is laid out as a circle. It starts at the forecourt of the Museum Pankow (between Kolmarerstraße and Prenzlauer Allee) and ends on the elevated green area behind the museum at the water tower. Poetically speaking, his theme is the breathing city;

How the built and designed space colors, reflects, amplifies or attenuates the sound of all the activities taking place in it and how an auditory signature is created.    (Teaching/Lecture)

Duration:  90 min.
Distance: 3.4 KM

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25. 08. 2019
Soundwalk “The Breathing City”
(5 Pankow Soundwalks)

This time it was performed as part of the Project “Beyond Bauhaus” CLB Berlin

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