Sounding Reflections

sounding reflections
HKW Berlin, 21. 10. – 24. 10. 2021
A sound installation that can be played by the audience , an   interactive sound sculpture by Sam Auinger and katrinem for the festival THE SOUND OF DISTANZE

Sounding reflections (sculpture) invites visitors  – in their own experiments – to explore and experience the sonic and musical aspects of sound propagation (speed of sound) in interaction with reflecting objects – at different distances.  

From so-called boarding panels (generally used for concrete works), 3 x 2 wooden walls in the dimension (5m x 2m) – in 3 different distances to each other – are set up in parallel. Suppose one walks through the sculptural setting and thereby generates an impulse (clapping). In that case, one experiences rhythmic and tonal modulation effects through the flutter echo that occurs. This is encouraged because the ground is dampening (grass), and all possible otherwise reflective surfaces are far away. As a result, the ambient sound (traffic sound) is distant and feels like an „outside.“ The three distances represent rhythmic ratios to each other as we know them from music. 1:1 to 3:2 to 2:1