Sounding Linz Klangwolke 20

Sounding Linz Klangwolke 20

The Corona Pandemic has created the necessity and the unique opportunity to rethink the traditional „Linzer Klangwolke“.

The artistic team – Gitti Vasicek, Peter Androsch, Sam Auinger, and Wolfgang Dorninger – developed in cooperation with Jan David Schmitz and Wolfgang Scheibner from LIVA a unique and very special Klangwolke – Sounding Linz . Corona’s restrictions on (large-scale) events influenced only marginal its content and execution.

Sounding Linz placed the audible Linz and its inhabitants in the center of interest. The entire city became an „instrument“ and concert space and people became both actors and audience at the same time.

© Carina Nimmervoll

Sounding Linz deliberately operated in real public space and virtual media space. Sounding Linz was an ecological, participatory, and sustainable sound cloud. The technical effort and energy required to create this „Klangwolke“ were low. More than 1000 citizens participated actively in its realization and implementation.

Thousands of people used and participated in the program of Sounding Linz. And even more (both citizens of the city and tourists) will, in the future, discover new and different approaches to the urban living space of Linz through sound walks, podcasts, and the mapping project