Sounding Arnhem

Sounding Arnhem
Arnhem, Netherlands, 01. 05. 2021 – end August, Sat, 10:00 to 10:05 AM



Sounding Arnhem is a composition for the carillon in the Eusebiuskerk in Arnhem and part of the project xxxx_terrain by Sam Auinger as part of sonsbeek 20→24.



xxxx_terrain is an invitation to follow composed paths and to visit and to experience various marked „Listening Sites“ in four distinct landscapes:  the urban, the cultural, the industrial, and the terrestrial to engage with their audible properties and qualities. Each of them contains different sets of time and rhythms, has its material conditions, and shapes activities. They carry in many layers of connotation, tell stories, and sing songs.

Sounding Arnhem is part of the investigation of the urban landscape. An actual City sound is an amalgam out of different layers. Geographic, climate and seasons, history, culture, and social and economic conditions play a distinct role by composing the sonic atmosphere. The Eusebius Church and its carillon have been icons of the city of Arnhem for centuries. Still, today they are even more so since their resurrection after the dramatic events of September 1944. The Piece Sounding Arnhem reminds us that the built urban environment represents history and its culture, one it comes from and one it lives in.

Sounding Arnhem is inspired by the piece Sounding Bruegge by O+A (Sam Auinger, Bruce Odland ) for Triennale Bruegge 2015.

The composition is performed by Bob van der Linde