Freiham – Denken mit den Ohren

Freiham – Denken mit den Ohren 
Freiham/München, 2019 – 2021
Artistic Research 

Over a more extended period (2019-2021), katrinem and Sam Auinger visited Freiham again and again.  Their on-site investigations served to locate and sketch the acoustic spaces and describe and record their auditory qualities. In the process, the new Freiham district was situated in time, and a framework was created in which future developments and the constant changes on-site can be put into perspective.  

The atmospheric and auditory qualities of Freiham can be roughly categorized into 3 spatial themes – recurring in variations: Broad boundaries (Freiham Island), Traffic sound – Islands/coprridors and Wide open space – Wide built-up space. 

Along with the planetary/cosmic forces such as climate and weather, they are the central modulators. The large rhythmic and dynamic structure of Freiham can be recognized by them. They form atmospheric geographies and structure the ample space in time (tempo/time structures). In addition, they create a constantly varying audible depth of space due to the changing sound densities and loudnesses. 

Finally, as a conclusion of a nearly one-week ongoing research and composition phase at the end of September 2021, they presented the audio walk – Freiham Denken mit den Ohren Herbst 2021 as a summarizing and tangible result – to the public on October 1 and 2.