Braunschweig hört sich zu! klangstaetten | stadtklaenge 2023

Braunschweig hört sich zu ! klangstaetten | stadtklaenge 2023 
27. 05. 23 – 25. 06. 23 Allgemeiner Konsumverein Braunschweig

Together with katrinem, Sam Auinger curated the sound art festival klangstaetten| stadtklänge 2023 Braunschweig hört sich zu!

The festival posed two central questions: How much are the sounds of the city part of the feeling of life of its inhabitants? How do we experience sound in urban space? Braunschweig hört sich zu! explored these questions through two artistic action strands.
Action strand 1 British artist Peter Cusack asked the people of Braunschweig about their favorite sounds of Braunschweig with his project “Favourite Sounds”. Their answers were collected and subsequently processed into a word cloud.

Action strand 2 In June (1.6.-25.6.23), a series of sound walks have been offered in the Braunschweig urban space. These were guided and could be experienced performatively.

In the months leading up to this, international artists explored Braunschweig and developed their sound walk. All of them are connected by the “active listening in urban space” and depending on individual artistic orientation, this is linked to social, historical, urban and ecological questions.

An exhibition, including lectures, workshops, and performances with contributions from the participating artists, took place in the Konsumverein project space or on different sites in town.